Introducing MEMSO 4.5

TannerRitchie Publishing's Medieval and Early Modern Sources Online is an essential resource for the study of Britain and its place in the world c. 1000-1850.

Essential books and manuscripts

Bringing together the key sources from English, Irish, Scottish and Colonial history with original manuscripts and the latest web technologies, MEMSO has established itself as an indispensible online database for universities, researchers and libraries around the world.

The MEMSO Home Page

MEMSO's catalogue caters to a variety of academic disciplines and research specialisms. Whether your field is history, English or law, or your focus is political, ecclesiastical, social or economic, you will find relevant material in MEMSO.


Every week, new books or manuscripts are added to MEMSO. Subscribers can request specific titles and series they would like to have added.

Request books

One of the things that makes MEMSO so unique and so popular is the ability of our clients to recommend specific books and series that they would like to see in MEMSO. As MEMSO grows it is shaped to the needs of our subscribers.


Our printed sources are complemented by a growing collection of original manuscript images, including large collections of State Papers from the UK National Archives in Kew, London.


High definition images are downloaded, opened and arranged for easy viewing. Many manuscripts have never been published in printed form, while others are linked to the calendared versions in the printed State Papers.

An evolving interface

MEMSO is enormously configurable, designed to replicate a historian's desktop, where many different sources and reference materials can be used at the same time.

Features: search results

Phrase and keyword searches are displayed with accompanying text, and bibliographical information.

Features: view multiple books

Open and work with multiple books at the same time. Arrange them as you would conventional books on a desk, and manage your sources with MEMSO's taskbar.

Features: search history

MEMSO's taskbar also saves and displays your search history. Conduct multiple searches and work with the results, alongside any printed or manuscript sources you choose to open.

Features: navigation system

eBooks and manuscripts are marked up with an extensive bookmark and meta-data system to allow for quick and easy navigation.

Features: personal bookshelf

Most researchers have a selection of books and manuscripts they consult frequently and return to time and again. Your personal bookshelf in MEMSO means that favourite books, pages and manuscripts can been saved and made available for repeated use in future sessions.

Features: mobile browser

New in MEMSO 4.5, an alternative mobile browser is available for use with smartphones and tablets.

Comprehensive, innovative and affordable

Created by historians, for historians, MEMSO is an incredibly useful and comprehensive resource. More importantly, it is incredibly affordable. Contact us with any questions or to request a free trial.

Trials are available for any institution wishing to see MEMSO in action. Use the form below to make a request.

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