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Founded in 2003 by two historians and researchers from St Andrews University in Scotland, TannerRitchie Publishing has established itself as a leader in the field of digital resources in history and the humanities.


Pamela E. Ritchie, BA (Hons) (Queens, Canada), M. Litt, Ph.D (St Andrews, Scotland)

Roland Tanner, BA (Hons) (Lancaster, England), Ph.D. (St Andrews, Scotland)

Pamela Ritchie's career has spanned such diverse areas as historian of early modern Europe, researcher, author and editor of digital resources.

In 2002 her book "Mary of Guise in Scotland, 1548-1560: A Political Career" was published by Tuckwell Press and was chosen by the Scottish edition of the Sunday Times as one of their books of the year in December of that year.

Pamela has also worked on two major Scottish digital resources for historians: The Cheape of Rossie Papers and as early modern period editor (1513 to 1643) of the Records of the Parliaments of Scotland (St Andrews, 2008).

Further publications include articles in The Oxford Companion to British History (OUP, 1997), Parliament and Politics in Scotland, 1235-1560 (EUP, 2003) and Biographical Dictionary of Scottish Women (Columbia University Press, 2006).
Roland Tanner's background is also in history, and between 1993 and 2005 he researched and published on late medieval constitutional and ecclesiastical history.

His book, "The Late Medieval Scottish Parliament: Politics and the Three Estates 1424-1488" (Tuckwell Press, 2001) was awarded the Saltire Society History Book of the Year Award 2002.Other research into the Scottish Parliament received the Maclehose-Dickinson Prize (2000).

His publications include (with Michael Brown) Scottish Kingship (Birlinn, 2008), (with Keith Brown) Parliament and Politics in Scotland, 1235-1560 (EUP, 2003), (with James Kirk) Calendar of Scottish Supplications to Rome (vol v) (Scottish Academic Press, 1997).

He was the medieval period editor and Latin editor of the Records of the Parliaments of Scotland (St Andrews, 2008)