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MEMSO Shell Announcement

Launching September 1st, TannerRitchie's major new product: MEMSO Shell.

MEMSO's advanced web technology and user interface is now available for your digital collections.

Create digital projects of any scale, store gigabytes to terabytes of data affordably and safely, and curate and publish collections at the push of a button.

Key features

  • Simple setup - no expertise required.
  • Secure cloud storage for gigabytes to terabytes of archival data.
  • Affordable monthly or annual subscription options from $12 USD.
  • Powerful fulltext search can search PDFs, text files, Word Docs and more.
  • Your records instantly available online. You decide on either open access or paid subscriptions. Built-in ecommerce option.
  • Convert PDFs, Word docs, text and more to a accessible, web-viewable content, while making the originals available for download.
  • Innovative, tried and tested 'virtual desktop' viewer enables advanced document viewing, navigating and downloading.
  • Removes need to install complex software, pay programmers, or buy servers and expensive storage hardware.
  • Supports library data standards, metadata, user customisation.
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