Remote Access - Shibboleth/SAML/EZProxy

MEMSO Users:

If you are able to access to MEMSO via your institution, you can usually log in remotely when you are not connected directly to the institution's network. This is usually best initiated directly from links provided on your insitutional library's website or catalogue.

The system used to log in depends on the institution. Please contact your university/college library or institution's IT support directly with questions or support requests.

Some institutions provide remote access using the SAML/Shibboleth authentication system. If you belong to one of these institutions, you can log in using the appropriate link below.

EZProxy: Many subscribers provide remote access via EZProxy. Please contact your institution direct for details.

Library AND IT Support - generating Wayfless URLs

MEMSO Supports SAML/Shibboleth WAYFless URLs created using any of the following formats:

  •{IDP Entity ID}
  •{IDP Entity ID}

Replace {IDP Entity ID} with the URL encoded Entity ID for your institution.

To generate URLs that link directly to a given book or page, the URL encoded target URL needs to be added as a second parameter:

  •{IDP Entity ID}&target={target URL}
  •{IDP Entity ID}&target={target URL}

The target URL will take the format

EZProxy Stanza:

    HTTPHeader -request -edit access-control-allow-origin
    Title Medieval and Early Modern Sources Online

Subscriber SAML/Shibboleth Login Pages