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Medieval and Early Modern Sources Online (MEMSO)

COVID-19 Announcement

With libraries, campuses and offices closed for the foreseeable future, TannerRitchie is working to ensure researchers and students can access the titles they need while working at home affordably.

Access period Price* Also includes
1 hour $1.00 CAD 0 complete ebooks.
1 day $45.00 CAD 4 complete ebooks.
3 days $90.00 CAD 10 complete ebooks.
1 week $135.00 CAD 20 complete ebooks.
30 days $225.00 CAD 30 complete ebooks.
90 days $360.00 CAD 75 complete ebooks.

Full access to MEMSO, for an incredible low price.

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With short term access to Medieval and Early Modern Sources Online (MEMSO), you can access a million pages of sources and manuscripts for the medieval and early modern period, from just $1 Canadian.

You ALSO receive ebooks worth more than the price of the subscription, which are yours to keep forever.