New for 2024:
Edinburgh University Press Joins Scotland's History Online

TannerRitchie is delighted to announce that Scotland's History Online is doubling in size thanks to our new partnership with Edinburgh University Press and Birlinn Ltd.

As of January 2024 Edinburgh University Press's large Scottish History list (current and backlist) has been made available, joining the existing collection provided by Birlinn Ltd., creating a version of Scotland's History Online that's double the size.

Scotland's History Online a single online resource containing and entire nation's modern historical research for the first time.

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What is SHO?

Scotland's History Online (SHO) is a web resource jointly published by TannerRitchie Publishing, Edinburgh University Press and Birlinn Ltd containing a comprehensive library of Scottish historical books, peer-reviewed monographs and research published over the last half century, covering Scotland from prehistory to the present day. It uniquely provides a single searchable database containing the vast majority of titles published on Scottish history, updated annually with new titles from EUP and Birlinn.

Titles are accessed through TannerRitchie's advanced user interface, designed by historians for historians, opening up avenues of research impossible by other means.

SHO is the first online resource ever to provide a comprehensive collection of an entire nation's history.

What are some key titles and series?

  • Complete Scotichronicon (D.E.R. Watt edition)
  • The Stewart Dynasty in Scotland series
  • Scottish Historical Review Monographs
  • Backlist titles from Tuckwell Press, John Donald and Birlinn
  • New History of Scotland (original and new series)
  • Regesta Regum Scottorum
  • Beyond the Enlightenment

What are some key subject areas covered?

  • Archaeology, prehistory and ancient history.
  • Political history of Scotland, its context within Britain and the wider world.
  • Religion, reformation and theology.
  • The Scottish Enlightenment, philosophy and political thought.
  • The diaspora, empire and colonialism.
  • Gender history, queenship.
  • Chronicles and primary sources.
  • Celtic and Gaelic Scotland.

Why subscribe?

  • Provide convenient remote access to a comprehensive library of authoritative research in Scottish history from the two leading publishers in the subject.
  • Solve access to high demands titles; fill gaps in your collection.
  • Search and find relevant content across all the titles in ways impossible via hard copies or single ebooks.
  • Gain access to all Birlinn's and EUP's newest publications as well as rare and sought-after backlist titles as part of your subscription.
  • Offer users a way to buy lifetime access to favourite ebooks at 20% less than retail rates.
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Birlinn Limited gratefully acknowledge the financial assistance of The Strathmartine Trust towards publication of Scotland's History Online.