New! Other Databases

MEMSO is now part of a catalogue of current and forthcoming databases from TannerRitchie Publishing. All our databases provide lightning fast searches of previously inaccessible or hard-copy only historical research and sources. Make sure you check out:

  • Scotland's History Online: A growing database of the best Scottish historical research from the last 40 years, in partnership with Birlinn Ltd.
  • Scottish Record Society Online: SRSO will provide the complete Scottish Record Society publications since its first volume in 1897 to the present day. Includes membership of SRS and hard copy volumes of new titles.
  • The Red Book of Scotland Online: A 'geneological blockbuster' and essential reference took edited by Gordon Macgregor.

Recent upgrades

March 2023: Bug fixes. Some upgrades had caused regressions in the ability to search within selected groups of books. A different error caused the Calendar of Patent Rolls to disappear from the collection. All the bugs have now been fixed.

November 2022: MEMSO continues to be see updated and new features. MEMSO now provides improved background Dublin Core metadata which can be used by bibliographic tools such as Zotero to automatically store references and links back to the MEMSO site.