COVID-19 Measures

March 2020: TannerRitchie is working to assist universities wishing to enable or expand remote access to MEMSO during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please contact us if you have any questions or require assistance.

Accessibility and Keyboard Navigation

December 2019: We are pleased to have launched an updated version of Medieval and Early Modern Sources Online with greatly improved accessibility features. MEMSO is now consistent with Ontario accessibility law and the WCAG 2.1 at AA level, as required in other jurisdictions. All features can now be reached the keyboard, which has potential benefits for all users. Consult 'MEMSO Accessibility and Keyboard Control' in the MEMSO help module for more information. View MEMSO's VPAT

Faster searching

August 2019: We have launched some significant changes to the way the MEMSO search engine works which will result in substantially faster searches for things like dates which were previously sometimes slow. At the same time we have taken the opportunity to launch some usability improvements when using phrase, keyword and 'relevance' searches.