Holiday Sale 2019/20

Celebrate the Holiday Season with our Annual Holiday and Year End Sale!

Personal Access to Medieval and Early Modern Sources Online (MEMSO)! Use MEMSO for an hour or for a month. Whatever time option you choose, you will have complete and unlimited access to our entire database and catalogue of books and manuscripts … and with ebooks to keep* (*excludes the one hour option). At 50% off it’s an incredibly cost-efficient way to experience the power of MEMSO for yourself.

So start browsing and stock up, because deals like this come only once a year.

It’s Not About the Books. It’s How You Use Them.


Because TannerRitchie Publishing was founded by two historians, we know how the books in our catalogue are used. We take great care to ensure our ebooks are as researcher-friendly as possible, with bookmarks that are actually relevant and usable (years, dates, reigns, entry numbers, etc.)

The same goes for our extremely powerful and sophisticated database MEMSO (Medieval and Early Modern Sources Online).

We know how historical research is done, so we designed MEMSO to be a virtual desktop. You can conduct unlimited searches, and work with as many books and manuscripts as you want … at the same time. There are also tools to aid you in your research, and the ability to print pages, cut and paste, and save material on your own bookshelf.

And don’t forget, if we don’t have a book or a series that you need, let us know. Our incredibly popular Suggest a Book feature means you can tailor MEMSO to fit your teaching and research needs.

MEMSO: It’s fast, it’s powerful and clients who use it LOVE it.

*Sale excludes Scottish Record Society titles.